What does UrbanFox do?

UrbanFox helps you better engage with your customers
It helps increase consumer spend and improve loyalty

Revenue Generation

Our technology is designed from the ground up to focus on improving conversion rates and revenue generation for your business


UrbanFox automatically identifies and rewards loyal customers and customers with the potential of becoming loyal. It can even identify if you are going to lose customers and advise you of how to prevent that

Smarter Promotions

UrbanFox learns about your customers. It understands what promotions worked and why and what promotions didn't work and why. It uses this information to help you make better decisions. It can even operate completely automatically


We have built some amazing technology into UrbanFox but that doesn't mean its difficult to use. UrbanFox is designed to be as simple and intuitive to use as possible and doesn't require training


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UrbanFox Features

We have built UrbanFox with some of the best technologies available
Here are some of the features with lots more on the way

Mobile First

UrbanFox delivers promotions to your customer's phone where they are more likely to act on it


The more UrbanFox is used the smarter it gets, delivering the right messages to the right customers at the right time


UrbanFox can be set to operate autonomously or trigger under certain conditions

Smart Reports

View realtime information about all your running promotions and recieve daily actionable reports


UrbanFox simulates the future performance of promotions ensuring your promotions are as effective as possible

One Powerful Tool

UrbanFox is a singular tool. We don't believe in trying to upsell you multiple products or services to improve your marketing capabilities

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